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Frequently Asked Questions About Patient Fee Agreement

The fee for year July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 is $300 for patients age 18-49 and $450 for patients age 50 and above. This fee is subject to change.

Since our founding in 1952, Internal Medicine Associates has aimed to provide high-quality, personalized, attentive care in a small practice. Seventy-two years later, these goals now seem out of step with the health care system at large. To continue to provide you with the care you deserve, we realize we need to update our practice model.

The so called “small things” our practice does routinely–providing appointment lengths sufficient to answer your questions, seeing a physician instead of a nurse or physician assistant, receiving an answer from your physician when you call or send a MyChart message –are increasingly deemed non-covered or not medically necessary by health insurance. As the financial pressures of running an Internal Medicine practice increase, many other offices skip these entirely or provide them only to a privileged few.

That is a reasonable choice. However, the way we practice medicine involves certain care that insurance does not reimburse.

Payment will be due annually on July 1st to secure a spot in the practice. If you are interested in joining the practice at a later date, please contact the office.

The annual fee isn’t linked to any one service. To ensure you remain a patient of Internal Medicine Associates, all payments are due annually by July 1st to secure a spot in the practice.

No, this payment does not get applied to your deductible.

Payment may be made in person or online. The signed agreement is also required at the time of payment.

Yes. The annual fee does NOT replace health insurance. Our office will continue to submit claims to your insurance.

Please consult your tax advisor or HSA/FSA for this determination. However, the fee is due in full, on time, regardless of how it’s funded.

Yes, if you leave the practice within the first three months of the service year, a prorated refund will be issued. If you are terminated by Internal Medicine Associates a prorated portion of the annual fee will be issued. The service year in July 1-June 30.

Yes, we will continue to charge for Telehealth visits, phone calls or MY Chart correspondence with your physician when medical advice and/or prescriptions are given.